Key Points!

Firstly remember the exam will be on paper!

This means that you need to try and first do it on paper then put into an IDE to check for errors.

Dont rely on the computer as you will not have this in the exam

You need an easy way to remember all the key concepts (which are listed below)

Find the easiest way to remember them such as flashcards or post it notes etc.

  • Class
  • Object
  • Identifier
  • Primitive (data type)
  • Instance variable Parameter variable Local variable
  • Method
  • Accessor &Mutator
  • Constructor
  • Signature
  • Return value
  • Private modifier Protected modifier Public modifier
  • Extends
  • Static
  • Nested Statements
  • IF/Else Switch Statements
  • .hasNext() .getNext() .isEmpty
  • For Loop While Loops Do While Loops
  • Arrays